The War God’s Favorite

The War God’s Favorite
$4.99 ebook / $15.00 paperback
Series: Kalei Makena, Book 4
Genre: Fiction - Mythology and Legends
ASIN: 1481015486
Kalani is missing! The last time Kalei saw him, he was practically being carried out the front door by Frank and Ikaika. Master Kalima requests that Kalei be brought to the secret training camp. He wants her to find her brother. Before she leaves for the camp, her boyfriend Mark accuses her of cheating and breaks up with her. She, Kapono and her grandfather are still recovering from being attacked, and Nanaue is being nice, too nice. While at the camp, she makes somes enemies. She worries that she may not find Kalani in time to prevent him from being a human sacrifice. She meets more walking Hawaiian legends when she sees the Night Marchers and meets with the Fire Goddess. She also finds out why Ikaika is the War God's Favorite.
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