The Shark God’s Son

The Shark God’s Son
$2.99 KIndle ebook / $14.99 Paperback
Series: Kalei Makena, Book 1
Genre: Fiction - Mythology and Legends
Publication Year: 2009
Length: 250 pages
Can Gods Die? Kalei Makena has been dreaming of a man. When he steps out of her dreams and into her life, things get even stranger. He tells her that a god is trapped and about to die. He asks her to help him, but she already has her hands full with a job, two brothers and a grandfather who is a powerful Hawaiian kahuna. She also has an ex-boyfriend who can't take a hint. There's something very different about the man she meets, and when someone she knows is killed, and her friends and family are threatened, she discovered how different he really is. He's a shark, literally/. Hawaiian myth and magic weave a tale of a woman, her family and her fate.
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About the Book

This is the first book in the series. Usually when people think of Hawaiian legends, one of the first that comes to mind is about Nanaue, the Shark-Man. He is a demi-god, park human, part shark god, all scary.

In the novel we see some of that scariness, but we also see a son faithful to his father. A man who is a friend of humanity and a person who has faults and failings to rival any human. Mix in a family with deep traditional ties and watch what happens.


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