New Book Out – Enforcer

I’ve been working on a new series of books  about two brothers Cain and Ari who get involved in the war between good and evil. It’s a serial meaning the books have to be read in order. If you read them out of order things won’t make sense. The first book Enforcer is out and is written from Cain’s perspective. The second book called Death is written from Ari’s point of view. It’s a fun series, but not for kids. It’s got swearing and some violence. It’s definitely an adults only book, but it’s got a lot of humor in it.

It’s only available on Amazon for the next few months. After that I might make it available in other online retailers. Here is the description for the book and the cover:

It started with death, mine. It went downhill from there.

My name is Cain. I’m an Enforcer. I’ve been given the power to suggest someone commit suicide. If the circumstances are right, it happens. The purpose of this power is to combat demons.

They’re taking over our town. People are being possessed and trapped in their own bodies with no way out. As an Enforcer I give them one last chance to rid themselves of the demon controlling them. The separation process is…messy.

I hate being an Enforcer. The Angels gave a smartass like me a deadly power. What were they thinking? I could refuse to do it, but it means I’ll have to stand by and watch my friends and neighbors become victims, or worse, killers.

My twin brother Ari tells me I’ll get used to it. That’s easy for him to say, he’s Death. He and I have become players in the battle between good and evil. We are so screwed.

If  you have a membership in Kindle Unlimited, the book is free for you. If you don’t, the book is $2.99.

Here’s the link to Amazon

If you want to hear me read the prologue, click play

Check it out.